Multifunctional towers.

It can be a joy for any parent to take their toddler along on a learning experience. It can be an immensely rewarding, beautiful and fun experience to show new things to already extremely excitable toddlers, as every new thing can be a learning experience for them and can keep them occupied for hours on end. And while we may try to keep our kids in the loop no matter what we are doing, sometimes they just aren’t big enough for certain things. For the itty bitty toddler, even the countertop can be a place too high to reach, and this can mean that they can feel excluded whenever their parents are busy in the kitchen. And any parent can attest to just how badly children hate feeling excluded from something. What can then happen is our toddler trying every method out there to reach the high surface constantly, and parents constantly on the lookout trying to save their kids from falling down. Putting children in chairs or on countertops can be a big no, since no parent is lucky enough to have a toddler who sits completely still for too long. Even if we brush that aside, chairs and countertops can be dangerous places for toddlers to be even when they aren’t excited by the prospect of helping their parents out with something new.  

What learning towers are 

Cue the learning tower. For all the benefits that it can serve, the learning tower is still something that most parents don’t really know of. After all, for the generation that spent its childhoods sitting on countertops, a tower can seem really unnecessary. Of course, that isn’t the case. It’s only when we realize just how precarious a situation it can be to let our child sit on the counter while they play around in the kitchen that we understand the necessity of the learning tower. This tower can be described as a stool with an adjustable height, that can help our toddler reach all the heights he or she desires to. With our toddler safe inside the learning tower, the parents can go around doing whatever they want without ever having to fear their child falling down and hurting themselves in some accident that could have easily been avoided.  

Safety that towers provide, in addition to learning opportunities  

Learning towers are built to protect our kids, after all. With our child safe inside the learning tower, falls are prevented almost 100% of the time. However, even if there is a fall we can rest assured that our child won’t be as hurt as they would have been had they fallen with no restraints. Instead, since they are inside the tower they will simply bump against the sides and thus will not risk having hurt sensitive areas such as the head. With a Montessori learning tower our kids can have the new opportunity to actually help out their parents, as they can reach every surface that they want to and can be a part of activities that earlier on they had to be excluded from. This can include sitting at the table and watching mum or dad work, or baking cookies and helping the parents out in meal prep.  

Letting our kids feel included 

Thus, with a good quality, sturdy learning tower we can make our toddler’s childhood all the more enriching as they get the chance to participate in many new activities that they couldn’t earlier. This can help our kids develop fine motor skills at a much earlier age and it can also help them hone their social and emotional skills as they get the chance to be around their parents more often, and to interact with them in constructive settings. All in all, learning towers can help kids boost their confidence and learn new skills in the safest of ways. 

At My Happy Helpers, you can find the best quality learning towers that can be the best addition to any home with toddlers around. It can be safe to say that both parents and toddlers will cherish this new addition and use it all around the house owing to the ease it provides and the learning benefits that come with it.  

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